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UK Expertise

We act as commercial and business intermediates, matching entrepreneurs, businesses and investors on expansion capital and market development projects, procuring opportunities to address precise needs.


In the UK we work extensively on early stage investments into private companies in their business acceleration phase. Smartbridge typically works on investor preparation, introductions to qualified investors through our extensive network of contacts, and on managing the funding process.


For technology companies planning to enter the UK and European markets, Smartbidge provides an extensive range of services to establish their brand and build their sales. Unlike other providers who only offer advisory services, our active acceleration programme means we work alongside our clients to lower their costs and minimise their risk of market entry.


Our commitment is to support clients with excellent professionalism and extreme attention to detail in achieving their objectives and to maximise value for them. We are focussed, results-oriented and ethical.











- Business planning

- Investor presentation coaching

- Confidentiality agreements

- Introductions to qualified investors

- Management of the funding process



- Strategy & go-to-market models

- Market positioning

- Deal shaping & legal counselling

  (also through selected third parties)



- Mergers & Acquisitions (buy-side and sell-side)

- Private equity

- Due diligence & valuation



- Best location

- Feasibility studies

- Partner research

- Team structuring & building

- Local bootstrap and quick start



- Single point of contact with successful

  digital agencies in Europe and India

  (also suitable for startups)

- Development centre selection (local vs.




Note: Smartbridge is not a regulated entity and

cannot offer advice on valuation or the shape of

the investment deal. Smartbridge always acts

to make sure that these elements are well

communicated between the parties.


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India is currently our strongest international route, with many European companies and entrepreneurs asking for advice and support in doing business with that country, or raising capital from local investors. We do have associates with strong local contacts who understand the business culture, the environment and the complexities of such projects.

A bridge between Europe and India

Services offered by Smartbridge