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Fundraising, M&A Advisory & Business Development

Smartbridge is supporting several businesses in early stage equity

investment & new market development


We continue to be successful with investor relations in the UK, on behalf of early stage businesses typically raising up to £2m.

We specialise in SaaS, Cyber Security, Media & Advertising as well as Fashion & Luxury, among the rest.


We are experiencing strong demand for international development services, especially on the inbound routes to the UK and India. We are helping businesses to enter new markets and search for business partners, either through bootstrapping, joint ventures or M&A.

Internet & New Media - We successfully completed the EIS funding round for a fast growing new recruiter for hospitality and retail jobs

Conversational Interfaces - We are working with an independent software vendor from the USA to deliver enterprise chatbot solutions for UK & European clients across various industries

Building Technologies - We worked on international business development for an Italian specialist of curtain walls and non structural components, securing a joint venture (JV) in India

Influencer Marketing & AI - We are working on fundraising (Series A) and business development with the leading European tech platform for linking brands with the influencers (e.g. Instagram) who effectively engage their target audience

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